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Marguste, Anti

Mihklist Peetrisse. Pieces for zither or piano for the holydays of the Estonian national calendar


Zither (kannel) is an Estonian pluck-string instrument with a history of at least 2000 years. An ancient zither of 5-6 strings, hollowed out from one tree, has developed into a full-chromatic concert instrument on which all kind of repertoire can be performed. Close relatives of Estonian kannel are Finnish kantele, Latvian kokle and Lithuanian kankles. Sound of kannel can be compared to German-Austrian zitter and a medieval psaltery. Suiteable also for piano or arpa with pedal

1. Mihklipäevalugu
3. Mardipäevalugu
4. Kadripäevalugu
5. Andresepäevalugu
6. Toomapäevalugu
7. Tõnisepäevalugu
8. Jüripäevalugu
9. Jaanipäevalugu

Photo by A. Tischler, design by M. Käbin
With advices by Kristi Mühling
A4, 36 pages

2303 Kandlelood