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Talmar ja Põhi

Talmar ja Põhi

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The Publishing company “Talmar ja Põhi” was founded in 1993 by the choir conductors Raul Talmar and Heikki Põhi. The aim of the publishing company was primarily to publish the musical literature and notes, while there was no such kind of publishing company in Estonia. The first musical book was “A Songbook for Schoolchildren” what became very popular.

During the years have be formed a close communication with music teachers and choir conductors, whose opinions and proposals we have tried to consider. Very successful have been two sets of round dances and songs with CD from Meeme Liivak “Kaks sammu sissepoole” (Two steps inwards) and “Kaks sammu väljapoole” (Two steps outwards), and a songbook “Laulukarusselli parimad laulud” (“The best songs of Laulukarussell”) based on a popular children TV singing contest “Laulukarussell” (“Song carousel”). At this moment there is in the last stadium a textbook for gymnasiums “The Story of Estonian Music”.

In addition to musical publications we have done team-work with some medical firms and with the Society of Estonian Male Choirs and Choral Society as well.

Raul Talmar