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Leima, Matis

Pimedus keldris


Klaverimuusika + digitaalne cd

SP Muusika ML01

Date of publication: 2017



The collection “Pimedus keldris” by the young composer Matis Leima (b. 1992) is an overview of his previous piano work, which was born mostly during his school studies. Although the pieces date back to a ten-year period when the author was constantly associated with some educational institution from basic school to university, the inspiration for their creation has always come from life itself – various things, places and people. The impetus for compiling the collection provided an opportunity to offer piano players of different ages and different experiences a fresh and unique repertoire. The collection begins with more entertaining ensemble songs, and the two songs separate the newer and somewhat more conceptual songs. The choice is varied: it is affordable for professional pianists, hobbyists, students and teachers. The last pages provide instructions for downloading a digital disc.
You can listen to the stories here: https://matisleima.bandcamp.com/album/pimedus-keldris
12 pieces for piano and piano ensemble, 2 songs Total 56 pages.

Pimedus keldris
Sinine, sinine, sinepine, must
Yo-to, yo-to
Kolm külalist lõunamerest
cafe Noir
Etüüd Tähesadu
Etüüd Tähesadu
Undone MIDI
Sonatiin 1 / II
L ‘eau
Vihmane Tartu
Lugude lood
Salvestatud lugude kuulamine