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Põldmäe, Alo
Piano pieces for children
24 pieces for piano
SP Muusika 2307
Published: 2003
ISMN: M-801701-19-0
Price: 8.00 EUR
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The current collection written by Alo Põldmäe consists of a section through his piano pieces composed over the past 40 years. March, Rondino and Sentimental Valse were written during the studies at Tartu Music School; Lyrical Piece, written during the Tallinn Conservatory period, is dedicated to his teacher Heino Eller. Many pieces were originally composed for competition concerts organised by Estonian Composers Union; altogether 14 competitions of this kind took place in 1970-80s. In the Rain and Sunshine, Teddy Bear' Walk, Daredevil and Fairy Tale with No End have received prizes at these competitions. Meditation and Old Music Boxes are both recent works, the premiere of the latter took place in autumn 2002 at the Moscow Glinka Music Museum accompanied by old music boxes.

1. Torupill / Bagpipe
2. Marss / March
3. Heleni tagasitulek / Helen's Return
4. Sentimentaalne valss / Sentimental Valse
5. Unelaul / Lullaby
6. Hällilaul / Cradle Song
7. Päikesetõus / Sunrise
8. Rondiino / Rondino
9. Vana tants / Old Dance
10. Meditatsioon / Meditation
11. Lüüriline pala / Lyrical Piece
12. Grotesk / Grotesque
13. Lihtne viis / Simple Tune
14. Lihtne laul / Simple Song
15. Karumõmmi jalutuskäik / Teddy Bear's Walk
16. Groteskne marss / Grotesque March
17. Vihmas ja päikesepaistel / In the Rain and Sunshine
18. Uljaspea / Daredevil
19. Kas tali jääbki taevasse? / Does the Winter Remain in the Sky?
20. Muinasjutt ilma lõputa / Fairy Tale With No End
21. Prelüüd / Prelude
22. Muinasjutt / Fairy Tale
23. Popurrii "Vanad mängutoosid" / Potpourri "Old Music Boxes"
24. Lumelinnas / In the Snow City [for two pianos]

Size A4, 56 pages
Cover by Mari Käbin

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